i write like

I write like Stephen King. And James Joyce. And Chuck Palahniuk, Stephanie Meyer, Dan Brown, Jonathan Swift, Arthur Conan Doyle, and David Foster Wallace. Depending on the day.
              I plugged a dozen or so of my blog posts into http://iwl.me/ to “Check what famous writer you write like with this statistical analysis tool, which analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them to those of the famous writers.”
              Sarah Palin writes like Dan Brown. F. Scott Fitzgerald writes like Jack London. I think I’ll just stick to translating paragraphs to Japanese and back until reaching equilibrium. Here’s the first paragraph of the “happy man” post below.

The young man, speaking in front of the joy and laughter in the history of Keno, Kitou Yamuyamunudoruba voice planting sister gesticulating week. "He was always happy," said Nina, "but he is walking down the street in front of the car. It is my fear.”
See, isn’t that more fun?


you can syndicate any boat you row

I was driving with my niece and her 10 year old daughter and my almost-five nephew a few weeks ago, around the windy hilly roads of West Saugerties and Woodstock, and I’m not sure how we got to singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat in 3-part round, but we did. Mimi has a beautiful voice, and Kat has her mother’s musicality, her voice sweet and true. Mila and Kat sang one part from the back seat, Mila hanging on well even when the song got complicated. Mimi and I each sang one of the other parts. I was tickled at how good we sounded, and I wished I had done this with my kids. Yeah, I used to sing to them when they were little, but once I wasn’t rocking them to sleep that stopped. I’m self-conscious about singing (thanks Mr. Blish!) so you won’t hear me breaking into song unless you’ve smuggled yourself into the trunk of my car. Probably not, anyway.