summer of love, decades of sex

Billy Action was a backgammon and card playing Lothario in Woodstock in the 70s and 80s. Maybe beyond, but I left in ’84. He went out with Gayle, who owned Yink Ink, a company that made hand-painted clothing. Yink was a code name for sex, coined to obscure conversations her parents might overhear. Gayle told me once that she giggled inside every time she heard her mother say the word.
            I can only guess what precipitated these t-shirts, but Gayle had the brilliant idea of printing a few dozen and giving them out to everyone who would be at the weekly softball game. Billy played for Woodstock Wonders, a team sponsored by Albert Grossman, baron of Bearsville. The games were played at the Rec Field late afternoons and weekends.
            The players for both teams and all the fans came to the field that day wearing their shirts covered by jackets. The front “Yes” with the thumbs up was visible. At some cue, everyone took off their jackets and turned around, revealing the “I Slept with Billy Action” side. Even a dog on the field was wearing one. Somewhere in the quag of my closet I have a photograph of the moment. It’s not a very good one, but I’ll dig around and post it when I find it.


  1. i was at a woodstock wonders baseball game one night and asked my friend bob young who the guy was with the long hair. "billy action," he said. i flirted with him for a while, and then bob said "i'll give you forty bucks if you can get him to go home with you tonight." I walked right out onto the field, and said to billy, "bob offered me $40 if you go home with me tonight..." Billy smiled and said, "I would have done it for free, but sure, take the forty and we'll go out for dinner tomorrow." the beginning of a very fun relationship.

  2. The other half of the story is that Billy gave Bobby $20.00 to say that to you. (I made that up, people.)
    Fun times, those were.