Incredible exploding pressure gauge

or, how to wreck four tires and a pressure gauge in one easy step.

I'm exaggerating. I did however inadvertently fill my tires to above 60 psi (max rated - 42) at the Mobile station in Groton, near where Old Ayer Road comes in. All that air for the low low price of $.75.

Today the car was driving funny, so I stopped at a gas station in Acton, took off the valve caps and and stuck them in my pocket, put in my $.75, and with the pressure gauge on the air hose checked the pressure of the first tire. 62 pounds can't be right, I thought. So I got my pressure gauge from the glovebox and checked it. It shoots out to 60, the highest psi measurable with this home device. Shit! thought I, and go to the next tire. 60, wow. I put the gauge onto the third tire and with a pulse the end blew off, springs and washers and little black widgets spilling onto the pavement. I used what was once the top of the gauge to release 20 lbs of pressure from each tire, but I think I need to get another gauge. Yeah that and don't go to the Mobile station in Groton anymore.

Next stop, Trader Joe's for groceries. I put my keys in my pocket and realize that I'm still carrying the vitamins that I never took this morning, so I go back into the car for my water bottle. I open it, toss a vitamin back, take a slug, and get ready to repeat when I realize that the fucking valve caps are still in my pocket, now mixed with the vitamins. I counted them. Four. Well that's good, I didn't just swallow a valve cap. I think I better add ginko to my vitamin regimen.


  1. Such a Monique story.

    I will, by the way, be biking IN FRONT of you from now on so I don't have to wear the bullet-proof vest during the summer.

  2. Wow. That was funny!
    I have about three of those little glass bottles of ginko around somewhere. I buy them when I feel the need to try and salvage what is left of my memory, but I can never remember to take any. I tell my kids that when they come and visit me, not to call me mom. It will just be too confusing. I told Willem, Just say, Hi Ms. Parker. It is nice to see you. He said that he has no plans to visit me. I guess it won't matter.